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UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) lists education as a basic human right and deems it essential for the exercise of all other human rights. As of 2011, the Indian Literacy rate stood at a little over 74%. In recent years, India has made progress in increasing the literacy rate of the nation and it is widely acknowledged that the improved education system in India has directly influenced the economic rise of the nation. Having said that, the literacy rate in India is still well below the world average of 84%. To advance further as a nation, there is still plenty of work that needs to be done to educate the illiterate.

Asha Kiran recognizes the importance of educating the youth and the long lasting benefits of education. The trust operates 8 Educational Centers for street children at various locations where more than 800 street children are given FREE education every day. To encourage children to attend Municipal Schools as well, Asha Kiran operates a bus that provides transportation that runs between the Asha Kiran Center and the Municipal School.

The Trust has a team of over 40 volunteer teachers in addition to 30 employed teachers. Given the importance of the Class 10 Board Examinations in Indian education, our team of teachers offers additional coaching to Class 10 students. To aid with their learning, Asha Kiran supplements the classes by also providing supplies including books, clothes, shoes, stationery, school bags, etc. to all students.

Hunger is the Number 1 cause of death in the world. A third of the world’s hungry live in India and over 7000 die of hunger in our country each day!

Over 20 crore (200 million) Indians will sleep on an empty stomach tonight.

Such astounding statistics make fighting hunger an important cause for Asha Kiran Charitable Trust. Towards this end, Asha Kiran provides breakfast for more than 150 underprivileged men, women and children each morning, all year around. We hope to extend this program to even more of the hungry in the future, which will only be possible with more donations from our generous donors.

In addition to providing basic education to underprivileged children (see the Education For All section), Asha Kiran strongly believes in encouraging students explore and develop extracurricular, practical skills as well. We firmly believe that such skills help in various ways such as instilling curiosity amongst students, helping build their character, and expanding their opportunity set further when it comes to seeking employment.

The Trust provides computer access for children to develop basic computer skills - an essential skillset in today’s day and age. Stitching related training is also provided at the Mhada Asha Kiran Center for the children. In addition, our volunteers also offer additional skill development classes, which have in the past included Karate Classes and Art Classes, amongst others.

If volunteering to teach classes that impart additional skills such as the above appeals to you, please see our Volunteering section
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Asha Kiran Charitable Trust strives to reach out to as many of the underprivileged as possible, through as many avenues as we can extend our reach to. The trust operates a dispensary at two locations in Mumbai (at Mhada, Andheri West and at Santacruz) where needy and poor patients are provided with free medical checkups and free medicines for domiciliary treatment. Through the dispensary, basic medical facilities are provided to those for whom accessing such services otherwise would be beyond their means.

The Trust also has partnerships with certain hospitals for providing treatment for diseases such as cancer and procedures such as Dialysis. In addition, for patients in need that get treated in Tata Hospital or a Municipal Hospital, Asha Kiran regularly provides subsidies in the form of cash.

The trust operates medical camps at Murabad ,a place 90kms from Mumbai. This is done twice a year with a team of 25/30 doctors from Mumbai. At these camps 600 villagers are checked for general health and given free medicines. Also about 300 to 400 villagers are checked for their eyesight and given free spectacles.

Gaushala is a Sanskrit word that translates to protection for cows or a place where cows are provided with shelter. The Gaushala is symbol of respect for and the prevention of cruelty towards animals. It promotes the notion of compassion for animals. The cow is considered as a sacred animal in the Hindu religion.
A Gaushala at Murbad, a place 90 kms from Mumbai was started by Asha Kiran in April, 2003. Murbad Gaushala is a social project run by Asha Kiran Charitable Trust with the purpose of “Selfless Seva to the Cows”.There are 350 cows under Asha Kiran’s care on a 7 acre plot. The cows at the Gaushala are provided with clean drinking water facilities, fodder and medical help. In addition, Asha Kiran employs several caretakers and a Vetenary doctor that takes care of the cows & serve the animals that seek refuge there. The Gaushala is run with the help of donations from well wishers.

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Information for Donation
Those who wish to donate for this noble cause can do so by cheque.
Please make the cheque payable to
Account Name: Asha Kiran Charitable Trust
Savings Bank Account No - 017010100006409
MICR No (9 digit) – 400105017
IFSC Code – JSBL 0000017

Kindly note that the minimum acceptable money for the donation is Rs.100/- All Donations are Exempt from Tax.
The Asha Kiran Charitable Trust authorities will issue a receipt against the donations and send the same by post/courier.

At Murbad (a town in Thane district in the state of Maharashtra), Medical camps are held for poor and needy villagers regularly. Close to 600 villagers are provided free medical checkups and free lunch at these camps. In addition, free medicines for the needy and free Spectacles for the visually impaired are also provided. Such camps are held 2 to 4 times every year.